Sister District Action Network


We are a community-based organization focused on:

  • Educating voters on the importance of state and local elections (including our Book Club!), 
  • Training new leaders interested in becoming community activists, 
  • Conducting research in partnership with nonprofit, academic, and other partners to test new methods to increase civic engagement and voter participation, and
  • Disseminating best practices for voter engagement and civic participation.

OUR mission

Sister District Action Network is committed to increasing voter and activist participation across the United States. We want to discover new ways to deepen civic engagement within and between communities, promote opportunities for collaboration, and disseminate best practices.


HOW we do it

Sister District Action Network engages in voter registration and participation research, activist and volunteer engagement research, education and training, and collaborative opportunities for skills-sharing within and between activist communities.


Current Projects & Partnerships


book club

Members of our book club vote to select one book per quarter to read and discuss. JOIN HERE!

Current Book:

  • Dark Money by Jane Mayer.
  • Check back soon for a Reader's Guide and information about a live discussion event.

Former Books: 


Other Projects:

remote voter registration

We are currently conducting experiments in partnership with Voter Participation Center to test novel mechanisms for remote voter registration. If you're interesting in purchasing postcards for this effort, please visit the Sister District Online Shop.

Sister district summit

We hosted our first-annual Sister District Summit January 19-21, 2018 in Oakland, CA, to facilitate discussions about best practices in team building, civic engagement, and voter and volunteer education.

Activist engagement experiments

In partnership with allied organizations, we are investigating novel mechanisms to boost and deepen commitment to civic engagement by new and longstanding activists.